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Our Services

Tank Services

We offer a full list of tank services including;

  • Air Fills

  • Nitrox Fills

  • 100% Oxygen Fills

  • High Partial Pressure O2 Blends (with proper training)

  • Visual Inspection (VIPs)

  • Hydrostatic Testing (Hydros)

  • Oxygen Cleaning/Tumbling

  • Valve Rebuilds and Service

  • Valve Oxygen Service

Gear Rental and Repair

Problems with your regulator? BCD hose leaking a little? Bring your gear on in to us and have it checked out and serviced by an experienced scuba technician!

**Coming soon**


We are offering a new and unique service to the dive industry. If you do not feel like dragging your tanks all the way to us we will be able to pick them up and drop them off. This service will be available for any of the listed tank services above. Please call to arrange this with us.

Personal/Private Instruction and Guides

Personal instruction and guides are available if you would prefer to be taught in your own pool or dive off of your own boat.

For those who are renting a vacation house we also offer Try Scuba and Instruction in your rental pool.

Scheduling is flexible so call to this set up if interested.

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