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Air, Nitrox, and Oxygen fills:

Scuba Steve’s offers air, nitrox and pure oxygen fills, and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality fills at a competitive price. We will fill any nitrox blend you would like (with proper certification). We offer 100% aviator grade oxygen for medical cylinders and aviation cylinders, and we boost oxygen for decompression bottles. We fill cylinders correctly to the labeled working pressure, every time. All tanks are filled with air from our compressor and air bank system, which is tested regularly for air quality to ensure you always get the purest, highest quality breathing gas available anywhere. We offer flexible and quick turnaround times, and accurate time estimations. Call or visit our shop for current fill timelines.

Leak Free Tanks:

While filling, we will also check for leaks and service valves and damaged o-rings, to keep your tanks leak free for your dives. We repair all valves with new, manufacturer specific parts to keep the air in your tanks where you need it!

Air, nitrox and O2 fill rates:

​Air fill standard - $6.50

Air fill large tanks* - $7.50

Nitrox 32% standard - $13.50

Nitrox 34% standard- $14.25

Nitrox 36% standard - $15

Nitrox 32% large tanks - $15

Nitrox 34% large tanks - $15.75

Nitrox 36% large tanks - $16.50

O2 fill (per cubic foot) - $0.75

We also offer discounted air and nitrox cards, so you can purchase fills up front and keep your card on file with us. This saves you money on fills and the convenience of dropping off your tanks and picking them up without needing to pay each time. We'll punch your card for the tanks you bring and get them done for you!

*We define large tanks as having a volume greater than 95 cubic feet, such as HP100s, 120s, etc. Standard tanks have a volume less than 95 cubic feet, such as AL80s.

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