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Hydro testing and tank services:

Scuba Steve’s is a DOT licensed hydrostatic testing facility, and we hold the permits to hydro test every major specification of steel and aluminum scuba, medical, and aviation tanks, as well as carbon fiber SCBA bottles and k-bottle/storage sized air bank cylinders. All our hydros are done in house by our staff. We also offer visual inspections, valve repairs and rebuilds, cylinder and valve oxygen cleaning, whipping, bottom brushing, and tumbling. We offer quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and top-quality work. Call 305-390-4170 or visit our store for current service timelines.

Tank service rates:

Hydrostatic test, VIP, and fill - $50

Visual Inspection (VIP) and fill - $25

Nitrox add on to hydro/VIP - $10

Medical/aviation O2 bottle hydro (fill not included) - $40

O2 fill (per cubic foot) - $0.75

Valve repair, O2 cleaning, other service - $50 per hour plus parts


Commercial Services:

We also offer discounted commercial pricing, as well as pickup and delivery services for brick-and-mortar dive businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, military, and law enforcement. If you are interested in commercial hydro testing and fall into this category, please call the shop at 305-390-4170 or contact us via email to request a quote.

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