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Refresher Course

Scuba Steve's Refresher Course:

If it’s been more than 2 years or more since your last dive, or you’re just feeling a little rusty and would like to refresh your scuba skills, you’ll want to take our refresher course. The Scuba Steve’s scuba refresher course will get you back into scuba diving by refreshing you on concepts and skills from your open water course. That way you’re ready to dive again confidently and comfortably, like you never stopped! Our refresher course is an easy, one day course. We begin with a morning pool session to review and after a short lunch break, we’ll head to the reef for two dives with an instructor to refresh your skills in open water. That's it!

What sets our refresher course apart?

All courses with Scuba Steve’s are run on our 30’ Delta custom dive boat, which holds 6 passengers at a time. Our intimate small boat experience is unique to our area. We provide the most individual attention possible, unlike what you may experience on some larger commercial dive boats where it's easy to feel lost in the crowd. We also limit our student to instructor ratio to 4:1, which is less than the industry standard, maximizing professional supervision. Safety matters at Scuba Steve’s! With small groups and extra attention from your instructor and crew, you can count on us to make your refresher uniquely comfortable and most importantly fun! We will provide all the required scuba gear you need for your refresher course if you do not have your own.

Who should take our refresher course?

This course is for anyone interested in doing a refresher in a small or private group, with an operation that specializes in customer service, care, and flexibility. Minimum age for this course is 12 years old, and you need reasonably proficient swimming skills and to be in good physical health. A minimum of an open water certification is required. A medical history form will be provided upon booking and must be completed by all divers prior to participating in this activity. You are responsible to make sure you are medically qualified to participate.

Refresher Course rates:

$285 Per person

Let's go diving! Call 305-390-4170 to book or if you have any questions!

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