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Spearguns, spearfishing, and lobster gear:

At Scuba Steve’s we offer a full selection of premium spearfishing and lobster gear from industry leading brands. We carry spearguns and pole spears in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, as well as reels and reel line. We also stock spearfishing wetsuits and rash guards, gloves, freediving masks, fins, snorkels, and weight belts, as well as parts and accessories including spear shafts and tips, bands, stringers, floats and float lines, hardware, shock cords, gun lines, and more.


Speargun Rigging and Repair  

Scuba Steve's offers speargun rigging, we can rig or replace mono and spectra gun lines, shock cords, and reel lines on most guns. We can also mount reels if you're looking to add one to your gun. We tie custom bands of various sizes and thicknesses, as well as service and repair several different brands of spearguns including most custom guns. We take the effort out of speargun maintenance for you and get you back shooting fish in no time!

We also offer lionfish hunting equipment and accessories, including zookeeper lionfish containment units of varying sizes and colors, lionfish specific pole spears, and rigging and accessories.

We continue to expand our speargun and spearfishing offerings daily and currently carry Riffe, Rob Allen, JBL, and Hammerhead, as well as fiberglass pole spears and shafts, hardware, and parts compatible with almost all speargun brands. 

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