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Rental Equipment:

At Scuba Steve’s we have premium scuba and snorkel gear available for rent. We have BCDs, regulator sets, wetsuits, masks, fins, and snorkels available for out of store rentals. On our boat we also rent dive lights and wrist computers, as well as spearguns, lionfish hunting, and lobstering gear on certain charters. With our rental program, we sell our used gear every few years and replace it with brand new gear. This way every time you rent from Scuba Steve’s you're renting high quality gear in good condition, with the latest updates in diving technology.



We also rent scuba tanks of both air and nitrox, which are all appropriately maintained according to legal and industry standards. These tanks are filled with air or nitrox from our compressor and air bank system, which is tested regularly for air quality to ensure you always get the purest, highest quality breathing gas available anywhere.

Rental Rates on boat trips/out of store (24 hrs):

BC $15

Regulator set $15

Air tank $15

Nitrox tank $20

Mask and snorkel set $7.50

Fins $7.50

Wetsuits $10

Items available on our boat trips/charters only:

Bc/reg package $25

Full gear package (Bc, reg, mask, fins, snorkel) $35

Wrist Computer $10

Dive flashlight $10

Speargun $15

Lionfish hotel/polespear $15

Lobster gear set $10

Rental/rental reservation policy:

We require valid scuba certification for each renter of scuba gear, no exceptions. All renters must be present at time of rental and complete a rental waiver, no exceptions. We accept reservations during the lobster mini season and regular season open with a minimum 3 day rental. All reservations must be paid in full up front, no refunds, no exceptions. All renters must present certification and complete a rental waiver at reservation pick up, no exceptions. To stop rental tank use by uncertified divers, tank rentals are limited to two per person. You may return and rent additional tanks on the same day, but may not take more than two at one time. Tank rentals include one air fill per 24 hours for each day rented. Call to make reservations or with any questions. 

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