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Spearfish and lobster

About spearfishing and lobstering:

If you’re interested in spearfishing or lobstering the reefs and wrecks of the Lower Keys look no further! Our dive sites are home to countless species of game fish, including grouper, snapper, and hogfish, permit and African pompano, and more. We also target Florida lobster and invasive lionfish. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try spearfishing or lobstering for the first time, or experienced and looking for the catch of a lifetime, we’ll help you put dinner on the table! We are the only dive shop in our area that offers scuba and freediving spearfishing, lobstering and lionfish hunting. We can do trips dedicated to certain fish, general beginner trips, lionfish or lobster specific trips, or combine any of the above. We offer spearfishing and lobstering on all our non-sanctuary reef and wreck dives. We have sites ranging in depth from 10 feet to 130+ feet depending on conditions, group interest, species targeted, and experience level. There’s nothing quite like hunting underwater, book your adventure today!

What sets our spearfishing and lobster dives apart?

At Scuba Steve’s we specialize in offering customizable trips with more flexibility and options than a typical dive shop. We provide the opportunity to explore what lies beyond the typical tourist experience. Every dive trip, your group can choose what kind of dive you're looking for, and our crew will take you to the best sites available. We are a full-service operation, and our crew will assist you with loading personal gear and belongings, outfitting you with any rental equipment you may need, and setting up and breaking down your dive gear. All our dives include a divemaster guide to follow who will give a detailed briefing at each dive site, so everyone is familiar with the area and dive plan. We do not enforce a hard time limit for our dives, dive time will be based on group air consumption and safe diving practices at the divemaster’s discretion. This gives you plenty of time to hunt! Upon surfacing the captain will assist you on the ladder and help you back to your seat, and once on board we will switch over your gear on the way to the next site.

On all hunting dives, the divemaster will assist with management of fish and equipment. This includes loading spearguns, dispatching fish, identifying target species, carrying your catch, and anything else you may want assistance with. On freediving trips the mate can be a guide in the water or on deck, depending on what your group wants, the dive site, and what is being targeted. Our guide or mate can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like, whether you’re completely new and want to experience spearfishing without hassle, or experienced and just looking for surface support. For beginner spearfishing charters, we will go over the use of spearguns or polespears (for lionfish) and practice operating them before heading to the dive sites. If you do not have your own, spearguns and polespears are available for rent (private charters only) or for purchase in our store. Following all hunting trips our crew will clean your catch and if you are returning home by plane, we will assist you in arranging shipping your catch. 

Small group size for a personal experience:

All trips with Scuba Steve’s are run on our 30’ Delta custom dive boat, which holds 6 passengers at a time. Our intimate small boat experience is unique to our area. We provide the most individual attention possible, unlike what you may experience on some larger commercial dive boats where it's easy to feel lost in the crowd. Due to the size of our boat our customer to divemaster ratio is 6:1 at most, which is far less than the industry standard, maximizing professional supervision. All our dive guides are either certified divemasters or instructors and are fully insured. Safety matters at Scuba Steves!


Trip rates:

Half day (4 hour) 2 tank private spearfishing/lobstering charter (up to 6 divers) - $750 plus rental equipment 

Half day (4 hour) 2 tank split charter per person - $150 plus rental equipment 

¾ Day (6 hour) 3 tank private spearfishing/lobstering charter (up to 6 divers) - $1000 plus rental equipment

Full day (8 hour) 4 tank private spearfishing/lobstering charter (up to 6 divers) - $1250 plus rental equipment 

*Our spearfishing/lobstering dives do have requirements/restrictions based on trip type, certification, age, and experience. Please see the additional trip information/policies page for details. 

Let’s go diving! Call us at 305-390-4170 to book or if you have any questions!

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