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Dive and Snorkel Gear:

Scuba Steve’s offers a full selection of premium dive and snorkel gear from industry leading brands on the cutting edge of diving technology. We carry regulators, BCDs, wetsuits, scuba tanks, gauges, dive computers, masks, fins, and snorkels, as well as countless dive accessories and parts. We also offer a full selection of hard and soft lead weights, at the best prices in the Keys.


We have one of the best selections of technical gear and accessories in the Keys. We carry backplates, harnesses, and wings, technical computers, stage bottle and oxygen regulators, technical lights, cutting tools, stage bottle strap kits, long and short hoses, hardware, bulk bungie/surgical tubing, and more.


We currently carry Atomic aquatics, Zeagle, Diverite, Shearwater Research, Oceanic, Sherwood, Genesis, XS Scuba, Highland, Bare, Akona, Suunto, Stahlsac, and more.

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