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Deep Reef Drift Dives

About our drift dives:

If you’re interested in exploring the awesome lower keys deep reefs, there’s no better way than to do a drift dive with us! The deep reefs in our area are some of the most active and biodiverse in the Keys, and are home to countless species of tropical fish, corals, sponges, and crustaceans as well as sea turtles, rays, sharks, moray eels and so much more! We have several different deep reef sites available to drift dive ranging in depth from 50 to over 100 feet deep. With drift diving, the boat drops you off over the reef and you descend and follow the current for the duration of your dive and get picked back up. No need to find your way back to the boat or fight the current, and you never see the same spot twice! Drift dives allow us to access some amazing reefs without navigational challenges or risking anchor damage to fragile corals below. We are the only shop in our area that offers drift diving, and the only shop that dives the deep reefs. From wall dives and dramatic reef slopes, to deep water coral fields, and more, these dives are awesome, don’t miss out!

What sets our drift dives apart?

At Scuba Steve’s we specialize in offering customizable trips with more flexibility and options than a typical dive shop. We provide the opportunity to explore what lies beyond the typical tourist experience. Every dive trip, your group can choose what kind of dive you're looking for, and our crew will take you to the best sites available. We are a full-service operation, and our crew will assist you with loading personal gear and belongings, outfitting you with any rental equipment you may need, and setting up and breaking down your dive gear. All our dives include a divemaster guide to follow who will give a detailed briefing at each dive site, so everyone is familiar with the area and dive plan. We do not enforce a hard time limit for our dives, dive time will be based on group air consumption and safe diving practices at the divemaster’s discretion. This gives you plenty of time to explore! Upon surfacing the captain will assist you on the ladder and help you back to your seat, and once on board we will switch over your gear on the way to the next site.

Small group size for a personal experience:

All trips with Scuba Steve’s are run on our 30’ Delta custom dive boat, which holds 6 passengers at a time. Our intimate small boat experience is unique to our area. We provide the most individual attention possible, unlike what you may experience on some larger commercial dive boats where it's easy to feel lost in the crowd. Due to the size of our boat our customer to divemaster ratio is 6:1 at most, which is far less than the industry standard, maximizing professional supervision. All our dive guides are either certified divemasters or instructors and are fully insured. Safety matters at Scuba Steves!

Trip rates:

Half day 2 tank public deep drift charter - $135 per diver

Half day 2 tank private deep drift charter - $750 

¾ Day 3 tank private deep drift charter - $1000 plus rental equipment 

Full day 4 tank private deep drift charter - $1250 plus rental equipment

*Our deep drift dives do have requirements/restrictions based on certification, age, and experience. Please see the additional trip information/policies page for details. 

Let’s go diving! Call us at 305-390-4170 to book or if you have any questions!

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